This tour will take you through some of Bermuda's oldest homes and gardens- rich in Bermuda history and culture!  Your tour begins with a narrated drive along Bermuda's winding Harbour Road, which runs along the coast of the Great Sound and Hamilton Harbour. The views showcase many of the smaller islands that make up Bermuda's island chain.

Your first stop is Waterville, home of the Bermuda National Trust - a society geared to the preservation of Bermuda Historical homes, architecture and fauna, Waterville is a handsome Georgian home located at the foot of Hamilton Harbour. This historically accurate Rose Garden here was conceived and designed by the Bermuda Rose Society.

The Bermuda Botanical Gardens is home to nearly all of the more than 1,000 varieties of plant life which were transported here by 18th and 19th Century seafarers. The exotic orchid house,hibiscus, sub-tropical fruit groves, and the formal garden are just some of the exhibits in the garden, spread across 36 lush acres. The brightly plumed, chattering birds in the aviary are a delight, and the aromatic Garden for the Blind is a remarkable experience for all. The property also boast Camden House, the official home of The Premier of Bermuda.

Then on to the historic Vermont Museum. Architecturally, Verdmont is one of the most fascinating old houses in Bermuda. Unlike most buildings of its period. Verdmont has remained virtually unchanged for nearly 300 years and has never been fitted with electrical power. The museum houses Bermuda's finest collection of antique cedar furniture, English china, and Chinese porcelain, along with beautifully maintained period paintings.

The last stop of the tour is The Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, it is Bermuda's largest wildlife sanctuary, the view over the South Shore are magnificent, the geology interesting, take in the historic Spanish Rock and Jeffrey Caves- a great tour where you will embrace Bermuda's heritage. Then its back to you hotel, guest house or cruise ship.

This tour is 4 hours in length
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