Your tour begins with a narrated drive along Bermuda's winding Harbor Road which runs along the coast of the Great Sound and Hamilton Harbor. The view showcases many of the smaller islands which make up Bermuda's island chain. Arriving at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) you will enjoy a fascinating guided tour of the facility, including artifacts and jewelry, such as the famous gold and emerald "Tucker Cross" discovered on shipwrecks around Bermuda.

Completed in 1997, the 40,000-square =-foot facility features interactive and multimedia exhibits. A state of the art capsule simulates a 12,000-foot dive and an interactive map indicates the locations of Bermuda's many shipwrecks. View more than 3,000 seashells from around the world the Lightbourne Shell Collection, and learn more about the underwater crafts, such as the bathysphere, in the Ocean Discovery Centre-which is a unique and exciting way to uncover the mysteries of the ocean.

After the BUEI tour visitors will be taken down town to have lunch at any of our fine restaurants. Once lunch is over you will have time to shop and explore all the wonderful things about the City of Hamilton. Then meet your taxi at the "Flagpole" for your return.

The length of this tour is 4 hours.
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