This is an all day tour. Your tour begins with a tour of the parish of Sandy's, St. James Church, Haden Trust property, Fort Scar, Gibb's Hill Light House, Horseshoe Bay and the scenic south shore. Heading down to the East end of the island to St. George's.

Three years later the Virginia Company sent a party of 60 settlers to Bermuda and laid claim to the island. Under the command of Sir Richard Moore, the island's first governor, they commenced construction of a settlement; St George.

Settled in 1612 and now a World Heritage Site, St. George's is the oldest continuously occupied town of English origin in the New World. St. George's provides a magical experience for all to explore. Visit buildings largely untouched by the passing centuries and learn about Bermuda's culture, history and heritage.

Informative and amusing, you'll hear tales about events not documented in books. Not to be missed, this entertaining stroll will include a visit to St. Peter's Church, dating from 1713, which is the oldest continually used Anglican Church in the Western Hemisphere.


After the tour, your guide will direct you to all the local restaurants in the area where you can have lunch. After lunch you will have 1 Hour for Shopping and then explore the rest of St. Georges.

The length of this tour is 7 hours

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