We can provide you with 5 unique tours or you can design one on your own or just let the driver know what you are interested in and they will gladly show of Bermuda. You will be able to go to places where buses can't and will be able to get a real taste of our island home.

National Treasures

This tour will take you through some of Bermuda's oldest homes and gardens- rich in Bermuda history and culture!  Your tour begins with a narrated drive along Bermuda's winding Harbour Road, which runs along the coast of the Great Sound and Hamilton Harbour. The views showcase many of the smaller islands that make up Bermuda's island chain.

West End Tour

This tour will leave from the historic Royal Naval Dockyard, you will see all the magnificent buildings, the Mall, Craft Market, and Art Centre. You can check them all out on your way back form the tour. Don't forget the Bermuda Rum cake Factory as well as Clayworks.  There is a lot of history which your driver will tell you about Royal Naval Dockyard.

Bermuda Underwater Exploration

Your tour begins with a narrated drive along Bermuda's winding Harbor Road which runs along the coast of the Great Sound and Hamilton Harbor. The view showcases many of the smaller islands which make up Bermuda's island chain. Arriving at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) you will enjoy a fascinating guided tour of the facility

Amazing Island Tour

Bermuda is divided into nine parishes of municipalities. Visitors are often confused because there is the City of Hamilton; located in Pembroke Parish and the parish of Hamilton; located East of Pembroke Parish. This guided tour provides a narrated tour through the City of Hamilton highlighting the significant historical buildings and landmarks.

St. George's Tour

This is an all day tour. Your tour begins with a tour of the parish of Sandy's, St. James Church, Haden Trust property, Fort Scar, Gibb's Hill Light House, Horseshoe Bay and the scenic south shore. Heading down to the East end of the island to St. George's. In 1609 a fleet of 9 ships owned by the Virginia Company of London set sail from Plymouth

Home and Garden

Vist some of Bermuda most prestigious homes and gardens on the island, this is a 3 hour tour.  You will visit some of the Bermuda National Trust properties. A tour glide will answer any of your questions that you have.  A must for the visitor that wants to see some of our great archicheure and seaside homes.
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