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Bermuda, our island paradise, is it a sub-tropical island warmed by the Gulf Stream, Legend has it that there are 365 islands, of for every day of the year. but there is really only i81 named islands, there are lots of inlets and rocks. Bermuda has been a destination for visitors over a century when one of our first real visitors was Princess Louise, hence the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

Bermuda is located just 650 miles off the east coast of North Carolina and is very easy to get to from the east cost. Some flight are under 2 hours. With flights from New York, Boston, Washington D.C. Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, Toronto and London it's easy to understand why Bermuda has become a favorite vacation destination.

There are lots of things to see and do while you are here. Enjoy many of the free actives thought the year. Just go to www.gotobermuda.com for all you year long activities.

All throughout the month of February you can enjoy a host of activities such as, entertainment, cruises, train rides, glassblowing, and a special Master Works tour. You will be able to create some really memorable and unforgettable times in the month of February. Most of these events are free and they are hosted by the Bermuda Department of Tourism.

Bermuda has some of the most amazing beaches in the world, these beaches are protected by coral reefs, miles and miles of our famous soft pink sand and sandy beaches you are sure to find on that suits you. Too the ever popular Horseshoe Bay to the secluded Chaplin Bay your suntan is just moments away. Bermuda is only a mile wide at it's widest point so you are never to far away from the ocean. But you feet in and enjoy.

There are hundreds of shipwrecks around the whole island, some as close as 100 yards. Contact your nearest dive operator and enjoy the wrecks in clear, sometimes 120ft of visibility with a water temperatures in the mid 80s in the summer. Check out www.divebermuda.com

Bermuda has many of shops which carry items from all around the world. The City of Hamilton and along Front Street offers lot of unique shopping. Head off into the side streets of North Hamilton and you will be surprised of the bargains and wonderful restaurants. Not to be missed is Jamaican Grill.

Bermuda is wedding heaven, so if you are planning to exchange your wedding vows under a Bermuda Moongate be sure to contact a local bride consultant. Ask about our taxi special for weddings. Local legend says "If you walk through a Bermuda Moongate after you get married you will have a long and happy life forever".  heck out www.bridalsuitebermudaweddings.com

Be sure to check out www.gotobermuda for all the latest information on Bermuda and the activities held all thought the year.
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